Massage room on site

Treat yourself to a moment of escape and relaxation to release all your tensions.
A whole range of body and face treatments is available on site.

To be chosen when booking or on site depending on availability


from the body

Gommage : 30 min / 39

Cleanses dead cells and activates the body’s blood circulation while leaving skin hydrated and revitalized. Usually completed with a wrap. Usually completed with a wrap.

Exfoliation & Wrap :60 min / 75 €

Complete treatment, which eliminates toxins and releases accumulated tensions. This type of treatment also stimulates cell development, hydrates the skin and improves blood circulation.

Relaxing body treatment: 2 hours / 139 €

Exfoliation 30 min, wrap 30 min and massage 60 min.



Signature Massage “Les Oliviers” : 60 min / 71 € ou 90 min / 109 €

Body massage that ensures complete physical and mental disconnection and allows deep letting go.

Californian massage : 60 min / 71 € ou 90 min / 109 €

Relaxing at a slow pace, the maneuvers are gentle and the pressure light.

Hawaiian massage : 60 min / 71 € ou 90 min / 109 €

This enveloping massage is performed mainly with the forearms. These are above all long movements that dance all over the body and combine in-depth work for a feeling of lightness.

Swedish massage: 60 min / 71 € ou 90 min / 109 €

Deep and deep massage to loosen and relax muscle tension.

Ayurvedic massage: 60 min / 71 €

This energetic massage offers an alternation of varied rhythms to tone and wake up muscles, body and mind while relieving muscle tension.

Oriental massage: 60 min / 71 €

This massage works on the whole body and emphasizes areas of tension to eliminate toxins and muscle pain. Slow and very relaxing.

“Relaxing back” massage: 30 min / 39 € ou 60 min 71 €

Deeply relaxing, it emphasizes areas of tension in the trapezius, neck and shoulder blades. It releases tension and provides deep relaxation.

“Trapezius, neck and face” massage: 30 min / 39 €

This complete treatment associates a massage of the reflex zones of the face, the trapezius and the head which allows a real letting go.

Foot reflexology: 30 min / 39 €

Acts on the organs, and rebalances the flow of energy that passes through the body. Soothes tension and sleep disorders.

Heavy legs massage: 30 min / 39 €

Drains and stimulates blood circulation and muscles for a feeling of lightness.

Hot Stone Modeling: 60 min / 79 €

Moment of pure relaxation where the body comes into contact with a natural element. The heat of the stones penetrates your body and gives you a feeling of calm.


of the face

Complete face care:60 min / 75 €

Purifying, anti-aging or moisturizing, the facial treatment deeply cleanses and revitalizes skin tired and sensitized by pollution. The skin is oxygenated and the complexion is more radiant.

KOBIDO anti-aging facial massage: 60 min / 71 €

Real anti-aging tonic massage, this manual lifting inspired by Japanese massage, acts in depth on wrinkles, firmness and radiance of the face.



Of a name bearing the promise of rebirth, Origin is an invitation to escape to distant paradises.

This cosmetics brand, specializing in the world of spas and beauty institutes, brings together the latest cosmetological advances and ancestral beauty traditions to offer you treatments with unsuspected virtues.

Since its creation in 2011, Origin develops and manufactures all products in its Laboratory located in the heart of Provence.