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Must see & Historic Place

« La grotte Chauvet » or « Caverne du Pont d’Arc07150 Vallon-Pont-d’Arc

Chauvet is an ornamented Paleolithic cave register in designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

« Crest » Tower 26400 Crest

Impressive vestige of Crest Castle, the Crest Tower is one of the higher donjon of Europe. (52 meters).

Grignan Castle 26230 Grignan

Grignan Castle is built at eleventh century on a rocky peak overlook Grignan City in Provençal Drôme, transformed in fortification at twelfth century by the Adhémar Family.

« Hauterives » Labyrinth 26390 Hauterives

labyrinths shaped spirals, “no-through road” and romantic’s road. 6000 trees and 7 kilometer of route in the Glycine’s, Lavander’s and Cypress’s arbour. A perfect place for children, young people and families.

The Ideal Palace Ideal of « Ferdinand Cheval » 26390 Hauterives

Historic monument built by the postman « Ferdinand Cheval » from 1879 at 1912: 10 000 day, 93 000 hours. Strange mausoleum’s stone and cement.

Crocodile Farm 26700 Pierrelatte

Zoological Park with greenhouse of 8000 m2 and an exterior route of 4000 m2 where you can observe more of 350 crocodile’s, turtle’s and bird’s specimen.

Bird’s Garden 26120 Upie

Zoological and Botanical Park spread on 6 hectare presents more of one thousand bird’s (215 different species) of all the continents.

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